Increase the productivity of your enterprise by mobilising the workforce while ensuring your critical data is absolutely secure. Seqrite mSuite provides advanced enterprise mobility management for your critical business data and safeguards from the evolving cyber threats using a cutting-edge AI-powered malware hunting engine.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) enables organisations to provide secure mobile devices to their employees while eliminating the risk of data loss and data theft. Our EMM offering is designed on four critical pillars, i.e. mobile device management (MDM), identity & access management, mobile content management, and mobile application management.

سامانه مدیریت یکپارچه دستگاههای همراه Mobile Device Management


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Enterprise mobility management not only creates a safe mobile ecosystem for corporations but also boosts employees’ productivity by keeping important business data secured. Seqrite mSuite enables IT administrators to remotely install work-specific applications that employees can access on-the-go, thus increases efficiency. Seqrite mSuite enables Enterprise Mobility Management that allows you to protect your mobile devices from anywhere – from the boardroom to your vacation. mSuite enables organizations to manage security of enterprise apps on the Android and iOS devices through a unified web console, thus improving the standards of endpoint mobility management. From mobile anti-theft to making your business phone the safest device, Seqrite mSuite has you covered.

Remote device control and file management
Single console management for all devices
Remote device control and file management
Comprehensive mobile security and anti-theft